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Finally after very long years we have a better video game related to professional wrestling which is AEW ALL ELITE WRESTLING FIGHT FOREVER.

AEW Fight Forever - Pre-release FAQ and Release Times

General questions:

1. What time will the game release (midnight release or other)?

We released that information in the form of a global launch-date/time asset. Find it here.

2. When does the review embargo lift and will we see reviews before pre-order chance runs out?

The review embargo drops this Wednesday, June 28th for both streamers and reviews, so you will get to see plenty of content ahead of time.

3. Is the Elite edition available for physical copies?

No, the Elite Edition is only a digital option.

4. Will Matt Hardy be available to all players post launch? If so, will it only be for a limited time?

This DLC will be released on release day June 29.

5. If I pre-order the PS5 version, will I also get the PS4 version at release and vice versa?

You can upgrade a PS4 to a PS5 version, yes, but not the other way round.

6. Will the game be available on Epic and GOG?

No, the game will be on Steam only for the time being.

7. Can you use custom wrestlers in the Road To Elite?

Yes and RTE helps you to skill your custom wrestler.

8. What requirements does the game have?

You can find recommended PC settings here -


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