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Get ready for the next generation of all-out warfare! You’ve learned a lot about Battlefield 2042 over the past few days through our Reveal Trailer, Gameplay Trailer (which is still just Pre-Alpha footage, by the way) and via our website. We’ll have plenty more to discuss in the months ahead, but first it’s time to recap everything we’ve talked about so far.

Conquest is bigger than ever, with multiple sectors (each Sector containing several control points) ensuring battles are constantly happening all over the map during a match

Note: not an actual map overview – for demonstration purposes only.

Using Battlefield 2042’s increased map scale, Conquest matches will now contain multiple smaller areas, called Sectors. Each of these Sectors consist of a grouping of control points, filling out each map with even more battles happening concurrently during a match. Expanded vehicle and traversal options have also been added into the mix to make navigating these large spaces fully streamlined.

Keep in mind that this was the first ever post released by EA as from time to time new gaming updates regarding Battlefield 2042 will be officially released.

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