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12 JULY 2022

Ahoy Captains!

We hope you enjoyed our livestream last Thursday and are excited to dive back into the world of Skull and Bones. In case you missed it, you can find the VOD right here. Make sure to give it a watch to see our trailers, Dev talks, and gameplay footage.

As we are ramping up to launch, we will be sharing a series of DevBlogs that will take you through all aspects of our game from combat to crafting to customisation and more. Let's dive in!

Disclaimer: As Skull and Bones is still in development some of this information may be subject to change.


Combat in Skull and Bones revolves around naval combat. Between pesky pirate hunters, hostile forts, and dangerous wildlife, you are sure to face many challenges on your journey to become the most fearsome pirate Kingpin to have sailed the seven seas. Luckily, you will have access to a wide variety of ships, weapons, and attachments that will help you on your way. Whether you are fighting ship-to-ship or plundering settlements and forts, having a well-thought-out loadout and strategy will be key in fighting your way to the top.

All ships, weapons, and attachments can be crafted by the Shipwright, Blacksmith, and Carpenter located in each den. All you need is the right blueprints and resources!

Every captain needs a ship! In Skull and Bones you will get to choose from a wide array of different ships, each with different benefits and drawbacks. Each ship is dedicated to a specific role with a dedicated goal in mind.

Out of the many variables, size, category and perks are the main factors to consider when it comes to choosing the ship for your sail.

Ө_XПʎl aka RASOGOVI is going to livestream beta gameplay in 1080p60 and official recordings in 1440p60 next week as of August 25, 2023 because we found out that the official closed beta version of Skull and Bones is not under NDA (NON DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT) so here it is the official announcement:

"Streams & Insider Program - The Skull and Bones Closed Beta is not under NDA, as such we encourage players to stream their game sessions.

You can also discover the world of Skull and Bones by watching your favourite streamers overcome the odds as they attack a fort or go on their search for legendary treasures.

If you feel the call of the sea and wish to be more involved in the world of Skull and Bones, do not hesitate to sign up for the Insider Program. The Insider Program is an on-going live testing initiative where selected players play different iterations of the game in real conditions.

If that sounds like something you want to get involved in, you can get more info and apply here."


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