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Watch Dogs Graphics

3D animations and visual effects for commercials are done by DIGIC Pictures.

Watch Dogs is Ubisoft’s newest franchise, promising unprecedented freedom and opportunities in its open world, near-future recreation of Chicago. As Aiden Pearce, a brilliant hacker whose criminal past led to a family tragedy, players must enact their own brand of justice on those who wronged Aiden, using the city’s interconnected technologies as a weapon.

Built on Ubisoft Montreal’s new, scalable Disrupt engine, Watch Dogs brings advanced graphics, effects and technologies to the table across multiple platforms. On PC, gamers benefit from higher-resolution textures, city streets teeming with additional NPCs, richer effects across the board, support for resolutions up to 11520x2160, an unlocked frame rate, and additional NVIDIA technologies that further improve the game’s graphical fidelity.

In this article we’ll examine the game’s features, show comparisons that highlight their benefits, reveal advanced configuration file tweaks, and offer optimal playable setting recommendations for the most popular GeForce GTX GPUs.

Article Contents:

Watch Dogs System Requirements

Disrupt Engine

Watch Dogs PC-Exclusive Graphics Enhancements

Watch Dogs Game Settings Detailed

Ambient Occlusion


Depth of Field

Level of Detail






Config File Tweaking & Advanced Options

Watch Dogs: 4K Ready

GeForce 337.88 WHQL Game Ready Drivers: An Essential Upgrade For Watch Dogs

GeForce Experience: Optimal Playable Settings With A Single Click

Watch Dogs Optimal Playable Setting Recommendations

Graphics, Performance & Tweaking Guide Conclusion

First example of classic game with the highest quality achieved on a gaming laptop with RTX2060:

A second short video as proof:


Watch Dogs’ Dual Paraboloid Multisample Anti-Aliased reflections add substantial detail to Ubisoft’s virtual Chicago, most noticeably at night during the game’s many storms.

On Ultra, geometry, lighting, and other game elements are reflected in puddles, on metallic surfaces such as the bonnets of cars, and on destructible glass (reflections on indestructible windows of inaccessible buildings appear to be generated via cubemaps). Most impressively, dynamic lights from flashing neon signs and other light-casting objects are also reflected at a high level of fidelity, increasing immersion significantly. On consoles, this performance-intensive dynamic reflection effect is entirely absent, and the number of reflected game elements and lights also appears to be reduced.

Here you have a 18 minutes of PS4 PRO gameplay footage getting the best ultra HD settings on a 4K HDR TV turning on some custom Picture Mode Settings only for WATCH_DOGS which includes vivid color presets, motion eye care and TruMotion unlocking 60FPS with HDMI ULTRA HD Deep Colour including the Instant Game Response option to make sure it runs with crystal clear images, smooth edges and to make this game look like it takes your breath away with realistic graphics achieved only on a PS4 PRO console.

The closest modification data file for Watch Dogs which includes almost everything from E3 2012 has been revealed officially exclusively only for PC.

Steam official game page

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